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Our training center invites you to discover and share highly technical experiences in unibody collision repair.

Celette University is an essential asset for those wishing to acquire the skills in a permanently evolving environment for unibody repair, as it is closely structured to adhere to O.E.M. requirements.
Responding to your needs by sending you our expertise
Celette University offers its training for all professionals:
Original Equipment Manufactuers (O.E.M.)
Automobile professionals
Autobody repair technicians
Teachers and students from the technical school
Insurance and automobile experts
Celette University closest to you, gives you both thoughtful and appropriate training.

  Celette University offers its services at various locations around the world.
  The courses are facilitated with educational materials, and benefit from the latest technologies for all technical developments, and innovative materials in CELETTE's range of equipment
  Specific programs are developed in conjunction with automobile manufacturers in order to enhance and implement the provisions that fit to their training needs.
  Programs technicians and professionals from autobody repair
  Specific programs appropriate for entry-level students and for teachers of technical schools and colleges.
Celette University is pleased to welcome you into a friendly atmosphere, and to share our knowledge and expertise of collision repair with you.

Discover Celette University and improve your skills on Celette's equipment. *
*Any request for training, please contact Celette France.
Naja and Mercedes-Benz France welding training.
A teacher and 9 students in their first year in body repair studies at BEP, at the Boisard school, came in 2009 to see our entire range of products.
Presence manufacturer BMW - Celette University training on Naja, the electronic measuring system